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When we set a goal for ourselves and are unable to “find the time” to accomplish it, we usually attribute that failure to procrastination.  That goal could be any number of things, like writing an ebook, redoing your website, adding a new service or creating a new program or product.

We definitely want to do it, we know our business and our bottom line would benefit from it, but even so, it never seems to get finished.  Or even started.  What’s up with that?

Lots of things are up with that
There are so many reasons people “procrastinate” and one of them is fear of success.  What will or might happen if the ebook does well and brings in lots of new business?  Or it could be apprehension that we’ll have to put in even more hours than we already do to service our new clients, patients or customers.

There’s the fear that we won’t be able to handle so many more clients without expanding the business and hiring or outsourcing others to work for us, not to mention the management issues that come with that.

Fear trumps success
That’s just the tip of the iceberg, there are myriad reasons we fear success.  And because of that fear, we subconsciously “choose” not to succeed in order to avoid all the trauma and drama we fear will come with it.

Fear of Success


Art is a financial planner who spent quite a few years in the Asset Management Division of two banks before striking out on his own.  A handful of clients came with him, and like so many of you reading this, his new office was the dining room table.

He saw clients in a business/social club he belonged to “downtown” and no one was the wiser.  As he became more successful, he hired an admin, then an investment assistant, a bookkeeper and a portfolio manager.  The living room furniture was put in storage and replaced with half a dozen desks, filing cabinets and the like.

Prospects galore!
Then he was introduced to a business group of very successful men and women by one of his clients who sang his praises, and he joined this group himself because he could tell that many of the members had the potential to become clients.

Not very long after, he began receiving requests to meet and discuss his investment strategy so these prospects could judge whether he was a fit for their financial goals.


Art found it increasingly difficult to fit so many outside meetings into his schedule and run his business at the same time.  Nearly all of them resulted in a request for more specific information, but much to his consternation, wasn’t following up with them the way he knew he should in order to get their business.

This had never happened before and he was beginning to panic.  I had dinner with a mutual friend one evening who was indulging in a bit of schadenfreude (a feeling of enjoyment that comes from seeing or hearing about the troubles of other people) over this.

It was obvious to me that Art had roadblocks that were sabotaging his ability to do what he needed to do to acquire these clients.

A little too woo-woo airy-fairy?
I told our mutual friend a little bit about subconscious blocks that interfere with and can even block doing what we need to do to succeed, and while he was skeptical, he did mention it to Art.

Art was even more skeptical, but not so skeptical that he didn’t call to inquire about it further.  After being assured that it was all done on the phone, he wouldn’t have to talk about it, and if he saw no improvement he’d get a full refund, he grudgingly agreed to give it a try.


It turned out that Art had no fear of success itself, but of what it would require to successfully service so many clients.  He couldn’t fit any more staff into his apartment, and the prospect of looking for an office and having to do renovations as well as furnish it, none of which was even remotely his area of expertise, filled him with apprehension.

The worst thing about it, however, was the not-inconsiderable added expense of an office that he’d be contractually responsible for every month for several years.  Commercial space in the area and for the kind of building he would need to be in, was expensive.

The cons kept mounting up
And then there were all of the employees to think about, to manage, and the expenses that come with that.  None of this would be an issue if he didn’t bring on more clients.

His subconscious mind was throwing up these roadblocks to “protect” him from all this trauma and drama and keep him “safe”, which is the subconscious mind’s number one priority.

We accuse ourselves of procrastinating, when it’s really all about self-preservation, only we don’t realize it.


While it may sound like this would be a tough case to resolve, in fact it was fairly easy.  Art wasn’t afraid of success per se, he feared the added expense of an office and more employees.

After two sessions his anxiety level dropped noticeably, and by the fourth, he’d found a real estate broker and was starting to look at spaces.  He said that he thought he might need a few more sessions down the road, but finding and furnishing an office was what he had to deal with at the moment, and at the moment, that was working.


We all have a subconscious that’s always on the alert for a situation that might cause us “harm” and in its sometimes misguided attempt to keep us safe, actually keeps us from achieving or having what we really want for ourselves, our business and our life.

When you find yourself “procrastinating” about achieving goal or accomplishing something you desire, more often than not it’s your subconscious looking out for what it perceives to be your best interests.  Remove those subconscious blocks, those roadblocks, and create the business and live the life you really want.


It usually takes just one or two sessions for you to notice a difference in the way you think and feel and in the choices you make.  No willpower or “making” yourself do anything, it comes completely naturally.  Most of my clients use the word, transformation.

And it couldn’t be easier, all you have to do is sit quietly on the phone, without multi-tasking, for an hour or so 2-3 times a month.  It’s that simple.


Don’t let another week, month or year go by without accomplishing the things you want to do or achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Go to the Roadblock Removal website right now, and take a look at the About page to learn more about the process.  Check out the Is This You? page to see some of the challenges former clients have successfully overcome, and you can, too.  Take a look at some of the Testimonials (there are dozens more that I have to get my act together and put up there).

Then click on the link in one of the boxes on the home page to discover even more, and choose which participation option is right for you.


You CAN have what you want to have, be who you want to be and do what you want to do once you get rid of the blocks standing in your way.  Imagine how great that will feel!!  The sooner you do something about it, the sooner this will be your reality.

If you have any questions, email me at sydney@sydneybarrows.com and we’ll schedule a call so you can describe your situation to me, and I’ll tell you how we’ll go about resolving it.



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