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How many times have you found yourself making choices that are self-destructive, and you know they’re self-destructive, but you do it anyway.  Over and over.

Eating is a perfect example: you know you’re packing on way too many pounds and that if you don’t get a handle on it, the health issues you have are going to get a lot worse.

Maybe you’re diabetic and even though you’re having problems with your vision, you still eat pastries and ice cream, and don’t check your blood sugar as often as you know you should.

Self-defeating behavior
Perhaps you have a real problem with spending, and your credit cards are maxed out, you pay only the minimum every month, but still you apply for another one and another one and hide the bills from your husband because you know how angry and upset he’d be if he ever found out that you have over $40,000 in credit card debt.

There are countless ways people sabotage their lives, safety and happiness, and they know they have to make better choices, but have no idea how to stop making the wrong ones.  What can we do when self-destructive behavior threatens our health, our life and even our very survival?



Gary was in such a state by the time we first spoke that he needed a few rounds of on-the-spot EFT before we could have any kind of conversation about what he wanted help with.  EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as tapping.

There have been a number of times, both with business consulting clients as well as roadblock removal clients, where they’re in such an emotional state that that it’s pointless to even attempt to do anything else until their anxiety is under control.  EFT is an excellent tool for that.

What do you do when things just “stop working?”
Gary had always struggled, in fact he told me that things had “never gone easy” for him for most of his life.  But, he always seemed to manage to pull through.  Now it was getting more and more difficult to do that and he was scared.

Scared “of my life being a complete and total failure and ending up on the street.”  “I feel like a spectator sometimes, watching myself destroy my life.”


Gary had been going down the self-help road for a number of years and had spent thousands of dollars “trying to get my act together.”   He’d read books, attended seminars, done both live and self-administered online courses, and had one-on-one consultations with several people who’d convinced him that they had the answer.

After all of this he had a pretty good idea of the origins of the self-sabotage, but understanding it and being to get past it were two different things.

The only thing he’d ever received appreciable results from was one-on-work, the positive results of which lasted for a while, but eventually he found himself back doing the same self-destructive behaviors and making the same harmful choices.


As readers of this newsletter already know, it doesn’t make any difference if you know or understand who, what, when, where, why or how you ended up where you are right now.  Roadblock Removal works whether you figure out the backstory or not.

Gary was very relieved to hear that he could stop digging and trudging through all the mud and the muck, as I call it, and just get on with it.  And that once the roadblocks had been removed, they were gone permanently.

An invisible issue
As we began working together, it became clear to me that the hobgoblin behind Gary’s issues was self-hate.  More people deal with this than you think, and a most of the time it’s totally under the radar.  If you mention it to them, as I did with Gary, they deny it and don’t believe it could possibly be true.

But when I tested for it with Gary, it kept coming back positive.


Gary says he feels like a different person now.  He’s making better choices and with a great deal of the fear and anxiety, not to mention limiting beliefs, no longer getting in his way, his life is getting on track.

“And it’s been effortless, I don’t even notice how differently I’m feeling and behaving unless something happens to remind me that I’m no longer where I was before we started.”

Rather than making choices that “destroy my life” he’s now making choices that enhance it, and all with no willpower or even much, if any, conscious thought.


Roadblock Removal is truly transformative work, you literally become the kind of person who does or does not do what it takes to get you to where you want to go.  You accomplish what you want to accomplish, start or complete a project or goal, or just react and respond differently to triggers that used to throw you off track.


There are only two months of 2014 to go.  How different, in a positive way, has your life been this year than it was in 2013?  If a lot, then congratulations, I couldn’t be happier for you.

If 2014 was disappointing, and particularly if 2013 wasn’t so good either, you need to do something differently.


“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”  If you’ve been struggling, wondering why things never seem to go your way, then it’s time to put your foot down and put an end to it.  Now.

Do you really want another year to go by not being happy, prosperous and living up to your potential?  Or is part of the problem that somewhere in there you don’t really believe you have potential?  Or you know you do, but just can’t seem to get it together and get the results?

There is a solution, you just have to make the choice.

Imagine how great you’ll feel when you get up every morning and find it easy and effortless to do whatever needs to be accomplished that day. Think about that for a minute.  You’ll just do it!  Because you want to do it.

The sooner you remove the roadblocks, the sooner this will be your reality.

And it couldn’t be easier, all you have to do is sit quietly on the phone, without multi-tasking, for an hour or so 2-3 times a month.  That’s it.  It’s that simple.

Here’s how
Go to the Roadblock Removal website right now, and take a look at the About page to learn more about the process.  Wander around the site some more if you wish.

Then click on the link in one of the boxes on the home page that seems to best fit your issue, and you’ll discover even more.  And if none of them are on target, not to worry, there was only so much room and I chose the most common issues.  At the end of each page, choose the number of sessions that works best for you.


You CAN do what you want to do, have what you want to have,  and be who you want to be once you get rid of the blocks standing in your way.  And if you don’t notice results after the fourth session, I’ll give you all your money back – guaranteed.

If you have any questions, email me at sydney [@] sydneybarrows.com  and we’ll schedule a complimentary call so you can describe your situation to me, and I’ll tell you how we’ll go about resolving it.

Wishing you happiness, prosperity and abundance in all things,



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