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“I was so ready for a breakthrough when I found out that Sydney was doing this work. It may be called Energy Psychology, but it isn’t anything like therapy at all.  I’ve never had to talk about my past, my feelings; I’ve never had to explain anything about myself at all.  For a really private person like me, it’s just wonderful.” – Rebecca C.


“I‘m prospecting so much more actively now, and am definitely less apprehensive and reluctant to go out and meet customers.  I’m made more than double the number of appointments than I did last month.  I have a totally different feeling when I knock on someone’s door, the fear is almost completely gone now, and feel incredibly comfortable talking to people.” – Robert H.

“Prior to working with Sydney, I had a lot of fear around calling customers and asking for business or an appointment, or telling them what my rates are. I basically had no self-confidence when it came to trying to sell my business and myself. After several sessions, I had a meeting that went surprisingly well – I had a lot to offer, asked good questions, and made intelligent remarks … I felt outgoing and confident the whole time.” – Judy W.

“I’ve been plagued for years with this nagging perfectionism, the belief that only perfect is acceptable, and that if I can’t make it perfect, then it’s not worth doing it.  Working on this most recent project has been completely different.  I didn’t worry about it, it didn’t have to be perfect, and I got it done in record time.  Now when I look back on it, I see that it’s really good, not perfect, but still really good, and I’m OK with that.  Without this perfectionism blocking me, I feel more wiling to take chances now.” – Flynn E.

“We’ve been working on overcoming the negative attitude and discouragement I get from other people, which makes it difficult to focus and do what I need to do to bring in money.  I find that now when that happens, I’m able to just let it slide right off me and maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, so that’s been working really well.  It’s been a lot easier to keep on track and not get discouraged.  I haven’t had as many mood swings or “downers” and feel positive even though there have been some setbacks, which are a trigger for these. – Marcia H.

“I just came from a business meeting where normally, I’d feel uptight, nervous and not good enough.  But this time I said what was on my mind and didn’t feel self-conscious or stupid.  It just didn’t matter if anyone thought I asked dumb questions.” – Judy W.

“I needed to better manage my time and to pursue my dreams with more confidence. I didn’t even realize I had these roadblocks that were preventing me from successfully implementing a plan of action. With Sydney’s help, it’s phenomenal what I have been able to accomplish!” – Larry L.


“I wish I could cut you a check for $1M.  This has been the most amazing quarter of any year in my entire life, and it just keeps getting better.  None of this would be happening without this work.” – Lisa R.

“I had routines that kept me in a comfort zone, but I knew they were keeping me from being the person that I wanted to become. Sydney was able to change my mindset about these habits by helping me view them as negative blocks that are no longer welcome in my life. Now, I am finding I have a lot more energy and confidence to tackle bigger challenges.” – Larry L.

“I knew I needed to be doing something different. My sales at work were worse than mediocre. I have a straight commission job and have been in danger of getting canned for low production. I have had a radical breakthrough when it comes to my limiting beliefs about money. My work with Sydney has helped me immeasurably in my personal and professional life.” – Rebecca C.

“From the very first session with Sydney, this has proven to be one of the most profitable, eye-opening, personal growth experiences of my life. My vision is clearer, fears and apprehensions are gone, and distractions are disappearing.  I am consumed with passion to achieve my life’s purpose.” – Robert H.

“I have been able to produce more and better, as well as make decisions and take actions that support the life choices I want.  We’ve only had 7 sessions over the last 3 months, but each time the results are more astounding than before!” – Sue S.

“I’m juggling three different projects now, I never would have taken them all on at once before (working with) you.  Usually I only work on one project at a time – I’ve even brought on people to help me.” – Lisa R.

“Sydney has been able to help me remove disempowering thoughts about what others might think and transform my mindset to be more focused and driven, with a keener sense of purpose. With this new mindset, I have become a lot more productive, and opportunities seem to make themselves appear much faster.” – Larry L.

Prioritizing:  “Definitely doing better at that, and getting the highest priority things done right away.  It’s getting easier to consistently make choices that (are likely to) result in the best possible outcome. – Robert H.


“I specifically wanted to work on, being more confident and outgoing around people I don’t know, and there’s been a definite shift in my comfort level out in the world and when interacting with people. I find I’m not ‘trying as hard’, and that feels so good.” – Judy W.

 “I’m different!  I noticed the changes starting immediately.  I’ve always been very uncomfortable in groups and carrying on ‘cocktail party conversation.’  I went to a networking meeting, which I always dread, and I felt so much more relaxed and less anxious than I ever had before.  So much more willing to put myself out there, it was really amazing.” – Flynn E. (after the first session)

“One of my biggest hang ups has been not taking action because I’m concerned about what others may think.  Every day now, I’m becoming less & less concerned about that, I’m just doing what I need to do. I can’t define it, there’s just less interest in what anyone else thinks. It feels like I’m allowing myself deep inside to be who I really am.” – Robert H.

“Things have really shifted for me, I’m feeling like I don’t give a ___ what other people think of me, and I’m not second guessing myself about things I’ve said.  I feel more confident in both personal and business settings, something that I never thought I would be able to master.  I can’t thank you enough for all your help.” – Judy W.

“Today I had planned to achieve a couple of minor goals. Suddenly there were many obstacles in my way; however, I overcame them and went ahead and took my written driving test as planned. I believed in myself AND PASSED!” – Anna M.

“I’m so really different than I used to be, and have a level of confidence in professional settings that still surprises me.   It feels so natural that I forget that I didn’t used to feel this way until afterwards, then I flash back and think, WOW!”  The change was very subtle, no sudden shift, just an upward progression of acting and being and feeling more self assured.” – Judy W.


“In the place where clutter, confusion, and foggy thinking reigned, I can now see what I need to do. The mental clarity has allowed me to recognize systems I can use and how to put them to work. The work process focuses on tactics, not strategy, which has helped me focus my time and energy much more effectively. This is both time use and clutter elimination.” – Rebecca C.

“I can’t believe this. It took the entire weekend, but I finished clearing off my desk! Five boxes down to a 3-inch pile. Now, the house and the car!” – Rebecca C.


“I have been so motivated to become efficient and effective in producing tasks to completion. And yes, there were several opportunities to become sidetracked, but I have been remarkably focused. I know it’s because of the work we have done. I am laser-beam focused on kicking serious ass (mine, if I don’t get to the level of accomplishment I envision in the next 18 months!).”  -Sue S.

“I’ve definitely become more effective at dealing with distractions.  There have been more of them than usual in the last few days, but I’m still staying more focused, making better decisions, and being more directed on what I’m doing and where I’m going.” – Robert H.

“I had more to do and more interruptions than usual, but still got more done!  It was an amazing week!!” – Lisa R.  (after the first session)

“I’m not wasting so much time piddling around on the internet – now I say ‘enough’ and just get off.”  – Rebecca C.

“Now I only look at e-mail occasionally, and mostly just read responses (to emails he’s sent), not just anything. I delete as much as possible, and am feeling a sense of freedom and a real sense of being less encumbered.” – Robert H.

“I had become a major multi-tasker and never seemed to get anything done.  With Sydney’s help, I’m now able to focus and accomplish my to-do list – finally!  Before we worked together, every day, I would develop my list, and every day, interruptions, surprises and other people’s ‘emergencies’ would derail me. I never felt like I got anything done, even though I felt exhausted at the end of the day. Now I just stay on track, with no great exertion of willpower or struggle.” – Stacey M.


“I’m not putting stuff off like I used to, the procrastination is so much less now.  I’m more disciplined and orderly, and it’s easier to follow up on stuff immediately. Now I have a structure for each day and am very focused on what I need to do and then I do it.” – Rebecca C.

“The most interesting thing happened last week – I hadn’t been out face to face since November…  cloud of apprehension, procrastination… yesterday went out for the 1st time and I was incredibly comfortable and had great conversations with people. It left me with such a great feeling at the end of the day!” – Robert H.


“Wanted you to know I had a big fight with you-know-who, she was sincerely crazy, and I handled it with great grace. I got upset for just a short time but then DID NOT CARE. Wow, talk about a change of attitude on my part. THANKS FOR THAT HELP!” – Leigh P.

“Today, a family member tried to initiate an argument with me through their own personal frustrations, and I took their negative energy and simply let it pass through me, instead of letting the negativity affect my thought waves and experiences. I am so confident in the good work you are doing.” – Anna M.

“I feel much more neutral about negative news now, and that’s a real departure for me. Normally I’d rant and rave and fight it, so that’s a big thing for me.” – Leigh P.

“Initially I was leery of Sydney’s work. To my surprise, it was easy and relaxing and helpful. I felt a sense of calm as the worries lifted off my shoulders. I no longer felt overwhelmed and I knew I could get over the obstacles in my life. The obstacles didn’t go away; I just had a new perspective on how to deal with them.” – Debbie T.

“Haven’t been filled with anxiety all the time anymore.  Husband told me, ‘You’re the calmest I’ve seen you in years’ and my staff says the same thing.  This is really amazing!” – Leigh P.

“I got up the next morning feeling more relaxed, less gritting my teeth in the face of a new day.” – Charlotte H.

“Hey wanted you to know I feel a lot less depressed today. I actually feel more like myself. YOU ROCK.”  – Leigh P.

“Have been feeling much more perky and happy since our last session.  My husband told me today, “You’re like yourself again.”  – Leigh P.


“I was out to dinner and the breadbasket was sitting right in front of me, and I looked at it and realized, I just don’t want it!  I couldn’t get over it – I just didn’t want it!  That really blew me away!”  MG

“After church on Sunday with my husband and son, we stopped at the Dairy Queen like we often do, and I decided not to have anything, I just didn’t want it, and felt perfectly OK about it.  It was wonderful but it was strange… ‘That came out of my mouth?!”  – Lisa R.

“I’ve been eating less junk, I just don’t want it.  Cookies, ice cream and depression foods have no attraction to me anymore.  I’m not replacing them with anything else, and it’s been so easy.  It’s weird.” – Rebecca C.

“When I walk into the kitchen now, I feel invincible.  I just don’t want to eat – that’s a totally new concept to me. I just don’t want it!!“  – Lisa R.

“I can’t believe how easy it all is now.  I’m mapping out my food and going to the gym more often.  And even thought I know I have to eat something, I don’t feel so overwhelmed and tortured by it, I just want to eat healthier foods.  It just feels natural, it hasn’t been hard at all!.” – Rebecca C.

“I’m down 2 ½ pounds this week – more than my goal – which is ginormously huge for me.  And you’re not going to believe this:  there’s a workout bench that’s been sitting in the basement for four years, and I asked my husband to bring it upstairs, and I’ve actually been using it!  And I’m not ‘trying” to do it or ‘make it happen’, it’s so subtle, like it’s second nature, there’s been this shift and I want to do it.” – Lisa R.  (after two sessions)

“I have lost a few pounds–and am less anguished about food! – Charlotte H.  (after one session)

“I actually bought a pair of walking shoes yesterday!  I didn’t think I’d ever do that!”  And I’ve been using them – lost 3 ½ pounds this week, the most I’ve ever lost in one week in my entire life.” – Lisa R.  (after three sessions)

“I’m getting much pickier (with what she buys at the supermarket) because I’m reading labels now and rejecting a lot of stuff.  I’m so much more aware now of what I’m eating, there’s a big difference in the choices I make, and it’s all so natural, I just find myself doing it.  Stuff that was staples in my food groups I now don’t want, I’m making totally different choices now.  And it’s been a totally effortless shift for me, it hasn’t been a chore at all.” – Lisa R.

“For Christmas, l asked for a set of free weights!!  The weight bench is in the family room and I use it almost every day now.  What a mindset change, a year ago I never would have believed it, I’m just such a different person now.” – Lisa R.

“Even with everything that’s been going on, I’ve still managed to keep that weight off… and I’m working out 5x a week now!” – Lisa R.  (about four months after final session)

“It’s an amazing ‘science’ and I’m not sure how you do it, but I think it is very powerful. My overall health is better because I’m making healthier choices, and I’ve also had some really interesting opportunities come to me with my work.” – Judi M.

“My husband and I are now taking a walk once a week together, I’ve been using my belly dancing DVD at least twice a week and have other structured exercise time too.  I walk more, go up and down the stairs more, and play more actively with my son now…  It’s a huge shift, like something just snapped and now I feel so much freedom around it.  I feel that I’m worth that time, effort and energy now.” – Lisa R.


“Whatever has been keeping me from having a fit and healthy lifestyle, from completing projects on time, and from having a positive sense of self-worth is going away. The results?  Not only do I feel different, I’ve started thinking differently.  I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have my brain and my body AND my emotions working together to achieve a common goal.” – Lisa R.

“It’s been unbelievably awesome in ways I never expected.  Life is so different now!”” – Flynn E.

“I thank you so much for our work together. It has been truly life changing.” – Judy W.

“Thanks for this wonderful work and encouragement.  My life is so different now. You are a gem.” – Rebecca C.

“I’m feeling more & more excited about living and being who I authentically, really am “ – Robert H.

“This (her life) is the way it should have been a long time ago. I wouldn’t have been able to make these conscious decisions had we not taken care of all those subconscious issues.” – Lisa R.

“You are a dedicated and talented individual, and I have recommended you highly to many people.  If there is anything else I can do to endorse your services, please do not hesitate to ask.” – Judy W.