Stuck in A Time Warp

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Do you know anyone who thinks, reacts to or holds on to behavior that made sense when those thoughts, reactions and habits were formed, but over the passage of time, are no longer relevant and do not serve them?

I live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan where there are a dwindling number of holocaust survivors, mostly women.  They’re all very petite, in fact, a number of years ago I had a friend visiting from Oklahoma who asked me who were all of these very small, elderly women she saw walking around?

Their diminutive stature is a result of either being all but starved to death in the camps, or if they managed to survive without being captured, they had very little to eat because they had to remain hidden and had limited access to food.

Old – Perception Habits and Patterns

One day I was at Fairway, primarily a fruit and vegetable store that over the years has expanded to include other foodstuffs.  There was one of these little women with several items in a cart that she wouldn’t let go of or turn her back on for a second, even though it meant inconveniencing herself and other shoppers.

I observed her as I was waiting for my number to be called at the deli counter, and heard her respond to an irritated woman that she couldn’t do whatever the shopper had asked her to do, because she didn’t want someone to steal anything from her cart.

The old-perceptions
Here she was, in a store with such an abundance of everything, no one would ever consider taking an item from someone else’s cart.  And in the extremely unlikely event it did happen, there was plenty more where that came from and it could easily be replaced.

And that’s when it hit me.  Even after decades of living in a place where there has always been an abundance of food, this woman still clung to the fear that someone would steal it from her and she’d have nothing and would go hungry.  My eyes welled up with sadness that even 50 years later, she still didn’t feel safe and still feared not having enough to eat.

The habits and patterns
Due to the perceptions she had internalized about the scarcity of food in her childhood, she clung to thoughts, feelings, beliefs and habit patterns she’d developed in order to survive.  But in spite of the fact that food is abundant today and has been ever since she set foot in America after the war, she continues to cling to those old perceptions.

Living in the past
It’s like being in a time warp; our reactions and responses don’t catch up with what the world, our life, surroundings, relationships, etc have evolved into today.  And very often we don’t even realize it.

Those of you who feel like you’re reliving your childhood during the holidays because of the way you and your siblings behave towards each other, are responding to old perceptions you still have of them and of yourself.  This triggers the same habits and behavior patterns it did years ago.

This no longer has to be your reality

When your old-perceptions cause you to react in a manner that’s detrimental to your well-being, happiness or success, that’s a roadblock.  Unconsciously responding to people or situations the way you used to under entirely different circumstances keeps you locked in the past, and interferes with who you are and what you could accomplish today.


You can get rid of these old-perceptions, and the habits and patterns that go with them.  You can create the life and success you want today without being dragged down and sabotaged by what was, but is no longer.

Go to the Roadblock Removal website right now, and take a look at the About page to learn more about the process.  Check out the Is This You? page to see some of the challenges former clients have successfully overcome, and you can, too.  Take a look at some of the Testimonials (there are dozens more that I have to get my act together and put up there).

Then click on the link in one of the boxes on the home page to discover even more, and choose which participation option is right for you.

Don’t let another week, month or year go by as your life slips away because you can’t break away from the past, a reality that no longer exists.


You CAN have what you want to have, be who you want to be and do what you want to do once you get rid of the barriers standing in your way.  Imagine how great that will feel!!  The sooner you do something about it, the sooner this will be your reality.

If you have any questions, email me at and we’ll schedule a call so you can describe your situation to me, and I’ll tell you how we’ll go about resolving  it.

Wishing you happiness, prosperity and abundance in all things,




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