Something bad might happen if I do it

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When we set out to accomplish something, whether it be business or personal, we’re setting a goal that is meaningful to us in some way.  It could be really important or it could just be something ordinary that we want to do “just because.”

“I really, really want this!”
We’ve decided we want something to HAPPEN.  We might want to create, we may want to cease & desist, we may want to tweak, or we may want to do a full-scale renovation.  And usually, we want it to happen as soon as possible.

Why, then, can achieving this goal be so difficult sometimes?  Presumably this goal is in our best interests in one way or another, but we never seem to get around to completing it, if we ever got started in the first place!

“Too bad. Not happening.”
Your subconscious might imagine, fear or believe that something will or might happen that is not in your best interests were you to achieve this goal.  This is a roadblock.

And this roadblock sabotages and interferes with reaching the goal.  The conclusion/judgment – of ourselves and possibly of others – is that we’re procrastinating.  And procrastination is bad, therefore we are bad.  And another roadblock is formed or added to.

Fear of What Will or Might Happen


Monica has two children and has been divorced for two years.  Fortunately, her former husband is being very generous with child support and she has a job, so she doesn’t have any financial issues at the moment.  And he sees the children every other weekend and has them for six weeks during the summer, which gives her sufficient time for a personal life.

She’d been 20 pounds overweight ever since the birth of her second child and the stress of the divorce caused her to gain another 25.  Her friends and family have been “suggesting” that she make an effort to start dating, and have even fixed her up with a couple of men.

Not happening
But she claimed they didn’t interest her and she ignored their suggestions that she go online, in spite of the fact that she knew or knew of a number of women who had met really great guys that way.


She had been on several different diets but gained the weight back every time, and was feeling both frustrated and scared that she would never reach her goal weight.

And because none of us likes to continuously make an effort and keep failing, she kept putting off going on another diet until she could no longer fit into her “fat clothes.”

She was with a couple of girlfriends one day, and the big topic of conversation was how great Alicia looked after having lost 60 pounds and how she never seemed tempted to indulge in bread, desserts, chips, etc.  In fact, they reported with amazement, she said didn’t even want to eat them!

That was the really intriguing part, she didn’t even want them.  When her friends would marvel at her will power and self control, she always said that wasn’t what it was, she knew she could have any of that once in a while, but she didn’t because she just didn’t want to.

And Monica decided right then and there that, “I want to have what she’s having.”   She called Alicia, who told her she owed it all to Roadblock Removal.


Monica’s roadblocks that sabotaged her efforts to lose weight tuned out to be that she was concerned her former husband would cut off or try to reduce the child support if he found out she was involved with someone.

Now she didn’t have to talk about or try to figure any of this out.  The realization came to her after a few sessions, but even if it hadn’t, removing the roadblocks would have been just as easy and effective.


After the very first roadblock removal session, Monica found herself seeking out healthy foods like salads and fresh fruit.  She served them to her kids, too, which made her feel like a good mother.

By the fourth session, she reported that she hadn’t had a hamburger or steak in two weeks and was eating much more fish than usual.  She liked fish, but rarely served it at home.

There was some push-back from her son, which she listened to but told him that all of them were going to be eating more healthy food now, and that if he wanted hamburger and steak, he could have them when he visited his father.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this!”
She became an avid label reader at the supermarket and was horrified at the amount of sugar and fat she found in foods she frequently purchased.  There was no way any of that was going into the basket!

But what surprised her the most was that she joined a group that walked every morning and bought a video, some hand weights and a couple of stretchy bands which she started using on the days she didn’t walk!   “I didn’t plan it, all of a sudden I just found myself doing it!”


Monica has had to go out and buy some new clothes, because “Even my skinny clothes are too big!”  But she’s not buying very many until she reaches her goal weight and easily remains there for at least three months.  And she’s convinced that will happen.

If you’ve been having difficulty losing weight or accomplishing another important goal , totally unbeknownst to you, your subconscious might imagine or believe something “bad” will or might happen if you do.

You really have no control over it
Once your subconscious believes that something negative is going to happen if you do reach that goal, it’s very unlikely you will and if you do, it’s even more unlikely it will last.

So stop berating yourself.  You may think you have a procrastination problem, but what you really have is a roadblock problem.  And once they’re gone, just like Monica, you’ll be free and able to achieve your goal.


It usually takes just one or two sessions before you’ll notice a difference in the way you think and feel.  You’ll find yourself easily making choices that move you further towards achieving your goal.

No willpower or “making” yourself do anything, it comes completely naturally.  Most clients feel like they’ve been “transformed.”

And it couldn’t be easier, all you have to do is sit quietly on the phone, without multi-tasking, for an hour or so 2-3 times a month.  That’s it.  It’s that simple.


Have you been struggling unsuccessfully to lose weight?  To get rid of some clutter?  To finish your website?  Whatever it is, once you start releasing  the roadblocks you’ll find yourself on the way to getting it done.

Imagine how great you’re going to feel when you get up every morning and instinctively make choices that will get you closer to accomplishing something that’s important to you.  Think about that for a minute.  You’ll just do it!  Because you want to do it.

The sooner you remove the roadblocks, the sooner this will be your reality.

Wishing you happiness, prosperity and abundance in all things,



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