Shadow Beliefs

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Roadblocks take many different forms, and the one we’re going to address today is Shadow Beliefs.

There are various different “strains” if you will, of Shadow Beliefs, but they all have to do with the thoughts, feelings and beliefs we have about our abilities, our worthiness, our expectations and who we are as a person.

They shape what you do or don’t do, and what you believe you can or cannot have or be.

Shadow Beliefs


Jerry is a workaholic who is extremely successful, but has no personal life.  He works pretty much seven days a week and hasn’t taken a vacation in at least 30 years.

He’s been divorced since his grown children were toddlers and is estranged from them.  He has no real friends or a girlfriend because he has no time for them, nor does he have any hobbies, like golf, fishing, chess etc.

It works for now
Jerry really enjoys what he does and believes he doesn’t miss having a personal life.  He actually sees it as an asset, because it’s allowed him to focus solely on his work.

However, some of his colleagues are beginning to retire, and most of them have a spouse, family, friends and outside interests to fall back on.  His company has a forced retirement policy and in a few years, he won’t have a job to be the sole focus of  his life.


Part of him is looking forward to not having to be so driven, to be able to sit back and read, ride his bicycle, and maybe get back into riding motorcycles, of which he has three that he hasn’t touched in years.

But he’s concerned that after a few weeks of “nothing to do,” he’ll be bored.  He didn’t mention it, but without any friends or family to speak of, he’ll also be lonely.

A lucky happenstance
A colleague referred him to me; his sister-in-law had been a client and the entire family still can’t believe the transformation.  Jerry was very skeptical – the concept was way too woo-woo for him, but his colleague, who is the closest thing he has to a friend, was insistent.

On some level he knew he had “issues,” yet also knew he didn’t want to have to dredge up the past and have to go slogging through the muck to figure out why.  He wanted the results without the work, and so roadblock removal sounded like an ideal solution “if it works.”


It turns out that Jerry’s primary roadblocks were two Shadow Beliefs of being unworthy of having a life (specifically any kind of personal life) and of not belonging.

The first few sessions we released some really ugly stuff, even I was taken aback at how dark it was.  It turns out that he was “an accident.”   He was 14 years younger than his sister and 16 years younger than his brother, and his mother was very bitter that she was going to be tied down to raising another child.

This was not part of her plan
She had married very young and was looking forward to having a life of her own in another five years or so when her first two children were going to be off on their own.  Jerry was a very unwelcome crimp in her vision of her future.

Unfortunately, she was so resentful about it that she didn’t keep it to herself when she got frustrated with him, and he grew up knowing that he wasn’t wanted, was a burden and that his mother wished he’d never been born.

The origins of his Shadow Beliefs
That’s where the Shadow Belief of being unworthy of having a life and from, and why he was so driven to be successful in order to be worthy of something.

The Shadow Belief of feeling like he didn’t belong manifested itself in the estrangement from his children and having no friends or even a girlfriend.

Other support
In addition to removing many, many roadblocks, at his request I also constructed a plan consisting of little tiny baby steps so he could begin to integrate himself into what most of us would consider a normal life.

It’s been a very slow process not only because it’s difficult, but because his work schedule leaves him with so little time to pay attention to anything else.


As you can imagine, removing many layers of those Shadow Beliefs as well as countless other subconscious thoughts, opinions, beliefs, attitudes, judgments etc, was like lifting a thick, dense, heavy, dark cloud from his entire being.

He feels both physically and mentally lighter and more free.  He says his vision is more sharp and clear, his thought processes have more clarity and are more creative, and he feels grounded for the first time in his life.

Unexpected benefits
He can “taste the complexities of the food I eat” and “the water feel different when it hits my body when I take a shower.”  He’s more “in the now” and is able to “personally identify” with colleagues and clients, which he never realized he hadn’t been doing.

Jerry is still a work in progress and gave me permission to tell his story so that other people who read it and resonate with it will know that there’s another life available to them when they shed the Shadow Beliefs that are sabotaging and keeping them from having a richer, happier life.


If any part of Jerry’s story does resonate with you, please consider looking into removing the subconscious beliefs that are blocking and holding you back from a more happy healthy, and satisfying life and future.


It’s so easy:  we get on the phone together you just sit in a comfy chair or lay down on the bed – you can even fall asleep! – and I do all the work.  You don’t have to talk about or reveal anything about yourself or your past if you don’t want to.

You don’t even have to believe in it –  it still works.

Imagine how freeing it will be to feel “light,” both in your mind and in your body.  If you have any sort of cloud that dampens your senses, your feelings, your ability to feel present in your surroundings, you can free yourself from it.

When that cloud is gone, you’ll be wake up every day feeling totally refreshed and thinking positively about the day ahead.   You won’t believe how much easier it will be to get things done, even things you’ve been avoiding.


You CAN have what you want to have, be who you want to be and do what you want to do once you get rid of the subconscious blocks standing in your way.  Isn’t that what you want for yourself?  The sooner you do something about it, the sooner this will be your reality.

Wishing you happiness, prosperity and abundance in all things,



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