Procrastination – the Indecisiveness Factor

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One of the biggest roadblocks to getting what you want out of life is the inability to decide what to do and how to do it.  There are so many options, how can you be sure which one is best?

How can you predict what choice will yield the best results?  How do you figure out which will make you the happiest, will generate the most revenue, or will shield you from judgment or criticism from those whose opinions you value?

Indecision can be paralyzing
With these kinds of thoughts racing through your mind, it’s frustrating and difficult to make a choice.  So you put it off and put it off, and at some point, are accused of or accuse yourself of, procrastinating.

Being unable to make up your mind and choose what to do, how to do it and to commit to making a plan based on that choice sabotages your life, your relationships and your business.



Jonathan “suffered” from having too many options after graduating from college in New Orleans.  He could move back to Michigan and go into the (very successful and lucrative) family business, he could stay in New Orleans and work for the company where he had been an intern, or he could take a few years off and join the Peace Corps.

All had their pros and cons, and there wasn’t one he felt significantly more passionate about than the other two.  So until he made up his mind, he did what many new graduates do and moved back home.  And nearly a year later he was still there, because he couldn’t decide what to do.


Jonathan’s parents were glad to have him at home, after not having seen much of him for four years.  But after a couple of months, they started to ask him what his plans were, listened and put their two cents in, but didn’t push.

By Labor Day, his grandparents started getting into the act, and they were more high pressure.  Add to the mix that time was running out with the position in New Orleans; if he waited any longer the opportunity would probably disappear.

Our own worst critic
And Jonathan was getting more and more anxious himself.  He’d had so much time to think about it that it became increasingly more urgent that whatever he chose absolutely had to be the very best choice.

The more pressure he put on himself, the more apprehensive he became about picking the right one.  His mother had a friend who had been a roadblock removal client, and she hoped her son would get the same terrific result that her friend did.


There was nothing that Jonathan could think of that was “causing this procrastination.”  Unlike traditional talk therapy, it didn’t matter if he ever figured that out.  A roadblock removal client says almost nothing during a session, so there’s no digging up the past or having to answer the question, “And how did that make you feel?”

Once he heard this, he was on board!  There were a number of roadblocks like guilt, helplessness and worry that came up, which were quickly cleared as were all the others.


Sometimes clients need a little more support than just removing their roadblocks, and in addition to getting rid of his roadblocks about making a decision, Jonathan wanted the point of view and opinion of a disinterested party about his choices.

We spent an hour talking about it, or rather he talked, I just asked questions, which brought things to the surface that he hadn’t previously considered.  In the end, he decided to apply for the Peace Corps, a good choice considering a number of things he’d shared during that discussion.

While his parents weren’t thrilled, to their credit they didn’t try to persuade him to reconsider.  But they were thrilled he was finally moving ahead with his life.


Do find you have difficulty making decisions about what to do and how to do it, or when confronted with two or more good options, do you often have trouble making a choice?

There are a number of reasons this is a problem, but regardless of what they are, the underlying subconscious blocks supporting them are easily removed.  Without that foundation, those “reasons” no longer have the ability to sabotage and interfere with making a choice or coming to a decision.


Whenever your conscious mind wants to make a decision and it’s just not happening, it’s because subconscious roadblocks are interfering with the process.  For some inexplicable reason, your subconscious doesn’t want a change in the status quo, even though at least one of the choices is in your best interests.

During a session, all you have to do is sit quietly on the phone for an hour or so 2-3 times a month, without multi-tasking.  It’s that easy.  No mindset reset, affirmations, keeping a journal, making lists — none of this is necessary.

Go to the Roadblock Removal website right now, and take a look at the About page to learn more about the process.  Check out the Is This You? page to see some of the challenges clients have successfully overcome, and you can, too.  Take a look at some of the Testimonials (there are dozens more that I have to get my act together and put up there).

Then click on the link in one of the boxes on the home page to discover even more, and choose which participation option is right for you.

Don’t let another week, month or year go by as your life slips away because you aren’t or can’t make decisions and choices that serve your best interests.


You CAN have what you want to have, be who you want to be and do what you want to do once you get rid of the barriers standing in your way.  Imagine how great that will feel!!  The sooner you do something about it, the sooner this will be your reality.

If you have any questions, email me at and we’ll schedule a call so you can describe your situation to me, and I’ll tell you how we’ll go about resolving  it.

Wishing you happiness, prosperity and abundance in all things,




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