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January 1st was yesterday and a whole boatload of people are getting their hopes up that this year is going to be better for them than the last. They so very much want to make the choices and the changes that will make it possible to do, to be, to have and to live the way they desire but aren’t currently experiencing.

If statistics on New Year’s Resolutions are any guide, very few of them are going to pull it off.  And once it’s apparent that they can’t do what they need to do to create a more desirable reality for themselves, the berating, the blaming, the recriminations and the psychological beating themselves up begins.  Again.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions


Unless you’re already perfect, have the delusional belief you’re already perfect, or just don’t care, there’s something about you or your life you’d like to “be better.”  It’s human nature to strive to be happier, and usually happier means “different or better than I currently am or have now.”

Sometimes when we do acquire or experience what we considered “better”, we’re disappointed to find that it doesn’t come along with the level of happiness we expected, and might even come with its own unforeseen set of problems.

No matter how much we have, it’s never quite enough or it’s not good enough.


Some people take the position that a better life, a better body, a better you-name-it should just materialize because they’re saying affirmations or just bought a “system” that’s going to make them a seven-figure income in six months.

Others believe that the way to create a better life is by clenching their jaw and powering through obstacles on their own, because you have to work hard and pay your dues to get what you want out of life.  Nobody’s going to hand it to you.

Let’s dismiss the first group, because unless and until they wake up and accept that there’s no magic bullet, they’re only going to make other people a lot of money by shelling out for one magic bullet after another.

Getting real
The second group of people understand that they’re going to have to be proactive, but operate under the erroneous belief that it has to be hard.  Well sometimes that’s true and there’s just no getting around it.  But what if the thing that’s making it hard isn’t external circumstances you can’t do anything about –  it’s yourself?

There’s truth to the saying that at times, we’re our own worst enemy.  Haven’t you ever done something that you knew you shouldn’t do, that you knew wasn’t in your best interests, or that you knew was certain to produce a result you didn’t want?

Raising my hand!
I sure have.  More times than I care to think about.  And yet I wasn’t able to be strong enough to not do it.  To eat that second helping of dessert (as if the first wasn’t bad enough), to continue to date a man I knew wasn’t right for me (year after year), or to put off completing a project that I knew was sure to bring in revenue I really needed.

Are you having a “been there done that” moment?


Regardless of what your particular acts of omission or commission are, the reason you’re not in control of the situation is because you’re not really in charge.  The reason you can’t do or not do what you know would move you closer to you a result you seek, is because a force stronger than your desire is running the show.

That force is your subconscious. 

It would take me more time than I have to type and you to read to explain why this is and how it works, but I promise you, this is what’s keeping you from being in control.


You read a lot about reprogramming the subconscious, which can be done with varying degrees of success with hypnosis.  All the other “methods” are basically useless.

Changing your mindset, different words to describe the same thing, can allegedly be accomplished using vigilant and intense focus and unrelenting willpower for months and months, with negligible to lukewarm results.  Not a pleasant process by any stretch of the imagination.

There is a guaranteed solution
Roadblock Removal, the process I use, requires absolutely no work on your part other than to sit undisturbed for about an hour, saying nothing and doing nothing.   There’s no homework or anything for you to do between sessions.

Yes, I know it sounds too good to be true, but if after four sessions you don’t notice any difference, every penny of your money will be promptly refunded.  I’ve never had to give anyone their money back yet, and it’ very unlikely you’d be my first failure.  You don’t even have believe in it – it doesn’t matter and it still works.

“After just one session, you literally grow into a different person, a person you always wished you were.”  SC London

Please note:  some people are hyper-responders and experience the transformation much more quickly than the average client.  This transformation is never something you don’t want or like, it’s always into the person you always hoped you could be.


You can make well-intentioned resolutions for 2015 and experience the same disappointment you end up with every year, or you can take a chance and do something out of the box that’s guaranteed to give you results.  Your life, your choice.

2015 can be the year of the
new & improved you
and your new & improved life
and future!!

Go to the About page to learn more about the process.

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It really is possible to make your New Year’s Resolutions into reality.  The sooner you do something about it, the sooner you’ll experience it.

If you have any questions, email me at sydney [at] and we’ll schedule a call so you can ask any questions you might have.

Wishing you happiness, prosperity, abundance in all things and a Happy New Year,


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