You know you’d be more successful if you were able to be more focused and productive

Do you consistently organize and use your time efficiently and productively?

Or do you use the scattershot approach and work on the easiest tasks first?  How often do you start working on something and then get distracted by something else that you suddenly realize needs to be taken care of right away?  At the end of a busy day, do you feel like you “haven’t gotten anything done”?  Do things slip through the cracks because there is so much to do that you can’t keep track of it all?
One of the most common obstacles that gets in our way is disorganized and inefficient use of time.  Imagine having a productive day every day!  Wouldn’t it be great to not only get more things done, but get more of the right things done?  When you get rid of the blocks that are holding you back, you’ll feel a freedom and sense of accomplishment that up until now, you’ve only dreamed about.

Does procrastination make it impossible to ever get anything done?

You have this terrific idea or strategy that you know would make a big difference in your business, but you keep putting off implementing it.  Or maybe you have done some work on it, but can’t ever seem to find the time to finish it.  You have friends you just never get around to seeing or activities you really enjoy that you never get around to doing.  Do you go to bed every night feeling upset with yourself because, yet again, you put off doing something you really wanted or needed to do?

You know you have a procrastination problem, maybe you even joke about it sometimes, but no matter what you do, you can’t overcome it.  You look at all the people who have successful businesses and are living rich and happy lives, and you desperately want that for yourself.

Imagine this…

Wouldn’t it be great to sail through every day without ever having to “make” yourself do anything?  To be able to pick up the phone and make that call, to enthusiastically start working on a great new idea, or to get the project you’re working on completed in record time – all without a second thought?  With procrastination no longer holding you back, this could be your reality every day.

Are you easily distracted and can’t seem to focus long enough to make much progress on any one thing?

It’s so frustrating!  You know you’d get so much more accomplished if you could go more than five minutes without checking your email… if you didn’t spend so much time on Facebook or Twitter… if you weren’t constantly getting up because you thought of something you “need” to do…  Unless you have a bad case of ADHD, you have a focus problem.

You know what it’s like to concentrate on something so intently that nothing gets in your way, because it’s happened before.  It’s not that you haven’t got the ability do it, it’s that you have difficulty doing it consistently.  And you don’t understand why something that comes so easily one day completely eludes you the next.

You’ll experience such a difference

When you remove the roadblocks that are sabotaging your focus, when you release the negative energy that is interfering with your productivity, when you are able to easily ignore any and all distractions, you’ll be amazed with how much you’re able to get accomplished!

Think about what it would be like to get more done each day than you ever dreamed possible.  Wouldn’t it be great to easily and effortlessly ignore all the little things that distract you?  You know it would!  That’s why you owe it to yourself to get rid of the roadblocks that are messing with your focus and distracting you from having a productive day every day.


Here’s how you can take the same journey so many other happy and satisfied clients have made, and enjoy the same life-transforming changes for yourself.

Schedule your one-on-one Roadblock Removal sessions right now, and experience becoming more focused and productive in a matter of weeks.  Negative patterns, conditioning and energy that you’ve been collecting over the course of your entire life will be wiped out permanently.

Please contact me to set up an exploratory consultation if you have questions you’d like to ask before making your decision. Send it to Sydney [at] SydneyBarrows [dot] com and we’ll get it on the calendar right away!

Here’s all you have to do

All you do is take an undisturbed hour every week to sit quietly and just “be”.  On the telephone – you don’t even have to go anywhere.  Sydney does all the work.  No spending endless years and tens of thousands of dollars dredging up the past.  In fact, you never have to reveal anything about yourself at all – it still works.

An ironclad guarantee

And if, after four sessions, you don’t see a discernible difference in how you’re thinking, feeling and acting, you can get all your money back.  It’s easy to give a guarantee like this because it always works.  Always.  Some people respond more quickly than others, but everyone experiences positive results – even those who are skeptical.

There are only so many appointments available per week

There are a limited number of appointments available in a week, but if there’s no space right now, there’s a wait list that moves pretty quickly, because it doesn’t take much time to achieve results.

You really can be the person you’d really like to be; you really can easily and naturally make the choices that will make it possible to accomplish the things you want to do in your professional and your personal life; and you really can become someone who effortlessly and instinctively does not continue to make choices that sabotage your health, your career, your business, your relationships, and your future.

          One 1-hour session: $547

Four 1-hour sessions: $2079  (save $109)

Six 1-hour sessions: $3036  (save $246)

Eight 1-hour sessions: $3939  (save $437)


Would it make it easier to take care of it over time? In order to make this life-transforming work more accessible, here are three payment options to help you out:
One session two-pay option: only $279 for two consecutive months
Four sessions seven-pay option: only $299 for seven consecutive months
Six sessions ten-pay option: only $309 for ten consecutive months
Eight sessions twelve-pay option: only $337 for twelve consecutive months


Everyone who opts for the eight session package will receive two additional 30-minute tune-up sessions within four months following the last session, to follow up on one issue that’s still a little bothersome. That’s the equivalent of getting an entire one-hour session for free!

You owe it to yourself

How often have you been given the opportunity to make such an amazing and permanent transformation in your life?  Sydney only does Roadblock Removal sessions three days a week and only schedules four sessions a day, so your chance to get an appointment for this life-changing work immediately is limited.   Act now; it’s going to be the most amazing thing you’ve ever done for yourself!

“It was the best decision I ever made. My life is so different now – I wish I’d met Sydney years ago.”