How often have you really wanted to accomplish something, but it was either a real struggle or nothing ever came of it?

How often have you made a choice that you knew you shouldn’t make and knew wasn’t in your best interest to make…
yet made it anyway?

How many times have you looked at someone whom you admire
& think to yourself, “I wish I had what it takes to do or be or have that”?

Call it not being able to get out of your own way, call it self-sabotage, call it being lazy, call it whatever self-derogatory name you want, but the truth is,


What’s going on is, you have subconscious roadblocks that are literally blocking you and not allowing you to do, be and have that which you want. At times, you can temporarily get past them with relentless perseverance and willpower, but that’s only a short-lived proposition.

  • The three most common “solutions” are therapy, which can easily take years, is very expensive, and you have to slog through all the muck of your past. Why would you want to do that – wasn’t it bad enough the first time?
  • And the second is some kind of “program” where you have to ask yourself all these questions, come up with the “correct” answer, fill in workbooks, do these affirmations and exercises every day, listen to CDs, attend group calls, and on and on for weeks, if not months. Don’t you have enough on your plate already?
  • The third is a live event, where you do the same “investigative” work, role-play with the person sitting next to you, “share” with the group, fill out pages and pages in the binders they give you, develop a “plan” that you have to keep doing once you get home, and that’s just for starters – it’s exhausting to even think about it! Plus you have to spend a few grand, schlep to the event (which is always at least half-way across the continent), and you know they’re going to try to sell you something that ain’t gonna to be cheap.


And it’s easy, only takes a little over an hour a week, and there’s no work involved on your part at all. There are no assignments, no worksheets to fill out, no CDs or calls to listen to or attend, nothing to do in-between sessions, and you can do it from anywhere that you can sit quietly on the telephone and be undisturbed. You don’t have to dredge up the past or reveal anything about yourself at all, if you don’t want to; your business stays your business.

And the best part is, you don’t have to believe in it for it to work. Yes, it sounds like the 21st century version of snake oil, but there is a guarantee, and I’ve never had anyone ask for their money back yet.

If you’re interested, let’s schedule an exploratory phone call. Send an email to Sydney [at] SydneyBarrows [dot] com

Here’s a short list of issues clients have successfully worked on in the past:

  • Focus
  • Procrastination
  • Motivation
  • Being more efficient, effective and productive
  • Prioritizing
  • Dealing with distractions
  • Money blocks (extremely common)
  • Success blocks (extremely common)
  • Selling blocks
  • Discomfort with “putting yourself out there”
  • Feeling comfortable in social or professional situations
  • Fear of speaking in front of a group
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem issues
  • Being your authentic self
  • Venturing out of your comfort zone
  • Organization – time, paperwork, clutter
  • Clutter problems
  • Living a more balanced life
  • Taking time for yourself – easily, with no guilt
  • Making healthy lifestyle choices
  • Anything to do with weight loss and fitness
  • Sleep problems
  • “Deserving” issues (watch how everything changes when these have been resolved)
  • Self-sabotage issues
  • Getting out of your own way phenomenon
  • Family dynamic issues
  • Relationship issues (or lack thereof)
  • Abuse issues of all kinds
  • Letting go – of anything or anyone (a life-changer)
  • Finally getting your act together!