Would you be much more successful
if you could be more focused and productive?

Do you just know you would get more done if you were able to consistently organize and use your time efficiently and productively?

How often do you procrastinate and find it difficult to get started on something, let alone finish it?

How’s your concentration? Are you able to easily ignore distractions because you’re so focused on getting whatever you’re working on accomplished?

“I’m now doing things… accomplishing things…with such ease! I’m more focused…. I’m less inhibited…..and, for lack of a better word…less encumbered. Things I would have hesitated to do before are coming naturally to me now.”

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Do you find it difficult, maybe even impossible, to do the things you really want to do?

Do you beat yourself up because you know what to do, but for some mysterious reason, can’t find the motivation to do it?

Are you embarrassed to have friends or family visit because you’re so ashamed by how cluttered your place is?

How much do you miss out on because you can’t muster up the spark, drive or courage to get your act together and make it happen?

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Are you in an endless struggle with yourself about your weight?

Do you wish you could get up in the morning and wear whatever you wanted to wear, instead of whatever will fit that day or will best camouflage how fat you are?

Does being overweight make you feel self-conscious, miserable or desperately unhappy?

Are you frustrated because you’re “good” for a few days or weeks and lose a few pounds, but then blow it and gain it all back – or more?


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